Images by: Chris Leete

Text by: somethinkblue

Issue name: The Kaliedescope Issue

somethinksounds in Croatia


Earlier this summer, the somethinksounds family were invited to play at The Garden Festival.

All we can say it was one of the funnest week of our entire lives.

We got to say thanks to everyone in involved at the festival, Futurboogie family, Wolf + Lamb/Soul Clap family for asking us to play on their boat, Tensnake for playnig on our boat, PBR Streetgang for co-hosting the unforgettable Miami Vice Shakedown Boat Party with us... and for everyone else involved who made it so special.

Without further ado, check this video out... and see you next year family.

The Garden Festival Croatia 2011 from Chris Leete on Vimeo.