Images by: Renata Chebel

Text by: Renata Chebel

Issue name: The Secret Lives, Hidden Guises Issue

Seven days in rainy July


If there's an equivalent in digital photography for lo-fi music, it's mobile phone camera photographs. 

As in lo-fi, it's the spontaneity and unselfconscious looseness of the mobile camera image that defines its authenticity. 

Anything can be photographed. 

Any moment, anywhere. 

And, as in lomo photography, it's precisely its flaws that become its virtues: pixellation, noise, colour aberration, distortion. It creates a very specific aesthetic for these images.

I'm a photographer and I work using a fullframe SLR. Everytime I carry that little monster with me, people look a bit scared and intimidated. But with mobile cameras it's different. Security won't come and ask you to stop photographing. People don't stare. Also, I don't carry my SLR everywhere and I don't stop to photograph my computer desk or the raindrops on the bus window with it. 

It's the poetry of everyday life, of small insignificant things that becomes revealed through the mobile camera lens.  

These pictures were taken during a week in my life, a very rainy July (remember it's winter in the southern hemisphere) for a friend's blog, Don't Touch My Moleskine. I hope you enjoy them.